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The Great DSM-5 Debate, Part II

Darrel Regier, vice chair of the DSM-5 Task Force, appears a mild, unassuming researcher, slightly bemused that the release of what was intended to be a more accurate, nuanced, and rigorously researched manual has raised such an uproar—a virtual in-house outbreak of oppositional defiant disorder, and surely the most intense and widespread challenge to DSM’s legitimacy in its 62-year history.   Read More

Embracing DSM-5, Like It or Not

Since the release of DSM-5, its critics have complained that the definitions in the new edition are now too broad, too inclusive (or not inclusive enough), too biological (or not biological enough), too vague, too quixotic, too unscientific, too much under the thumb of Big Pharma—the list goes on. However, since few people argue that mental health professionals can treat people or do research without some sort of diagnostic system, at this point we’ll have to make friends with DSM-5.   Read More

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